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rdjsworld's Journal

RDJ's World
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Fanfic for all RDJ movies
Community Rules:

1) No flaming or bashing
2) Use a header for every fic

Title: (required)
Author(s): (required)*
Fandom: (required)
Pairing: (required)
Rating: (required)*
Warnings: (required if necessary)*
Timeframe: (optional)
Word count: (optional)
Summary: (optional, but helpful)
Author Notes: (optional) (Do not put author notes anywhere in the body of the story.)
Disclaimer: (required) (Treat this seriously and note your story is a work of fiction and intends no libel, etc. You will be asked to revise frivolous disclaimers.)

Me is not acceptale. You must put your lj name here

G = All Audiences (Think animated Disney movie)
PG = All Audiences
PG-13 = Most audiences. May contain mild violence and very mild sexual situations
R = Mature audiences. Contains non-graphic sex, medium level violence and profanity
NC-17 = Adult audiences only. Contains graphic sex, graphic violence, heavy profanity

For those of you that do not wish to give away a major plot point, please use highlight-able text for the warnings.
Warnings are required for the following:
Character death (For non-canon death or main characters only)
How to do Highlight-able text

3) Place the body of your fic behind an lj-cut
4) All rpf/rps MUST be members locked
5) If you are posting a fic that already has a relevant comm for it, please cross-post it there as well. Inactive comms only become active if people post. Relevant comms listed below.
6) Please have a beta look over your story. What is a beta? It's an editor. They check your story for any errors as well as provide helpful constructive criticism to make your story better.
7) DO NOT plagiarize. Anyone caught doing so will be banned and reported to stop_plagiarism
8) Please tag your posts. Some tags have already been created, others you will have to add yourself.

Relevant fic communities:
list found here


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